Baby Girl Headbands

One of my good friend from college is having a baby girl. I introduced her to my co-worker and I’m super happy that it worked out for the two of them. I completely missed the baby shower but it’s never to late to give a gift. I made them a few things. One, actually a few headbands. I sure hope they fit the baby.

I spent one day to gather supplies. Elastic bands, flowers, elastic laces, and embellishments. The next day, I spent some time to put them together.

First you measure the size of the lace you want and you sew the ends together. I actually hand sew each one since I was to lazy to bring out the sewing machine for something so small. Then you can use a hot glue gun to glue the flowers to each elastic band. There’s really no wrong way to put it together.

Here are the supplies I used.




Finished headbands. Aren’t they lovely?

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