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Our Trip to Italy: Venice

When we arrived in Venice on our first day, it was pretty gloomy. Venice have 118 islands with 400 foot bridges that helps people travel between the islands. Don’t even think about driving here. People travel by boats and not by cars and canals instead of streets. It is almost impossible to find your hotel here. At least for us. Don’t expect your GPS to work and and the small roads on the island won’t show up on your phone. We got lost a few times looking for our hotel. It’s probably best to get a paper map that will give you all the small roads.

Here is the Venice Canel when we first arrive. It is very breathtaking when you first see it.

Here is us wondering the steps of Venice looking for our hotel before it gets too dark.

At night when everyone is asleep and we can’t sleep, we wonder the streets. People go to bed early here.

The sun is finally out. What a nice an beautiful day to end our last few days in Italy.

These are gondolas that are sitting on the canal facing the San Giorgio Maggiore.

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