Running with the Sunset

So I’ve been trying to get in shape or just more healthy in general. I look back to my early years when I could eat anything and not have to worry about gaining weight. That has changed now that I’m older and my metabolism has slowed down. My friends and I have been taking this Jumping Fitness class where you do cardio on a trampoline. It’s such an awesome and fun class. ¬†However, my 10 classes that I bought on Groupon has ended. We wanted to continue working out but didn’t want to spend too much money on classes. Most of us only live a few miles from the beach, so we agree to continue our workout by running at Manhattan Beach. The beach is free. There’s a fee for parking but it’s worth the dollar or two for the view. It’s a nice run from Manhattan Beach Pier to Hermosa Pier and back. That’s about three miles. If you live in the area, try it sometimes. The sunset was a reward when I was done with my run.



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