Britt’s BBQ

Some days you want something healthy and some days you want something meaty. Today was the day that we wanted some BBQ. We were running some errands and saw a BBQ joint. We had a dog with us that we were babysitting so we had to make sure it accommodates dogs. Maybe we should try this place, but wait. Let’s yelp it first. Hmmm. There’s another place close by that has really high ratings on Yelp. It’s only a mile away. Let’s go there instead. And that’s how we ended up at Britt’s BBQ. It didn’t disappoint and the service was beyond excellent. The owner brought out a bowl of water for our dog. And because we couldn’t decide on what sides to order with our meal, she gave us a sampling of them all. How awesome is that? You got to try it if you happen to be in downtown El Segundo.

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